Lutheran Sunday School: Nurturing Your Child’s Potential

Lutheran Sunday school classes provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn about their faith while also discovering things about themselves and their potential. These classes often focus on scripture, but they also offer an array of activities that nurture your child's growth in several areas. Here are a few ways Lutheran Sunday school classes encourage your child to reach their potential. Social Interaction Lutheran Sunday school classes provide an opportunity for your child to make friends and develop crucial social skills. Read More 

What Your Gospel Tracts Should Include To Have The Most Meaningful Impact

If you are a devout Christian who enjoys evangelizing, you can spread the word better by distributing gospel tracts. You can hand these small leaflets to people on the street as they pass by you as a way to communicate messages of the Holy Bible and the divine teachings of Jesus Christ. If you want to make your Bible tracts as impactful as possible, you should purchase prewritten tracts or custom-designed ones that feature some key points to convey the important information the most effectively. Read More 

Plan A Religious Education For Your High Schooler

If your child is finishing his or her middle school years soon, you are probably focused on what you want for his or her high school education. Maybe you have been thinking about enrolling your teenager in a Christ-based high school. Whether you are Catholic or not, have you thought about enrolling your child in a Catholic high school? Here are some things to consider as you make this very important decision about your child's education. Read More