Things You Should Not Include On Grave Markers

It has long been established that grief can impair one's decision-making capabilities. Unfortunately, it is during times of deep grief that you may have to make decisions about the funeral and burial of a loved one if they did not preplan for the funeral. When it comes to making decisions about the grave marker that will honor your loved one, trust your judgment on most aspects of headstone decisions. Just make sure that you don't make the following faux pas when it comes to grave markers.

Stop! Don't Include Inside Jokes

Although it can be tempting to include a pet nickname that was a joke between you and the deceased, that is not a good idea. You may think that the song lyrics of an offbeat song that you two loved are hysterical, and you may want to remember your loved one with that memory. However, it will likely not translate well to a memorial stone. The well-intentioned sentiment can be misinterpreted as disrespecting the loved one who has passed away. Some friends and family members may not understand the reasoning for including something that was special between the two of you, and they may feel excluded from this final memorial for the deceased. It's best to play it safe and keep it on the formal side.

Stop! Don't Give Too Much Personal Information

Oftentimes people who are treading the waters of grief cannot stop thinking about their lost loved one, and they may want to use the grave marker as a canvas to tell the life story of the deceased. Although it can be very tempting to try to pack as much information as possible onto a gravestone, don't try to fill in all the space with facts and information about your lost loved one. Instead, give the essentials and try to comfort yourself with the fact that you may write as much as you want about them in the obituary or other online write-ups that honor your loved one.

Finally, keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule. Although you should never include these things on most grave markers, you may decide that it's worth it to take the chance. If you do decide to include something that could be misconstrued or seen as offensive on a gravestone, try to check with the other closest family members of the deceased for their approval. This gesture can go a long way to make sure that the grave marker is a positive memorial to your loved one that doesn't hurt any loved ones of the deceased. Contact a company like Palmer Bros Granite Co for more information.