Assisted Living: How to Make Visits with Your Grandkids Fun and Comfortable

It isn't uncommon for individuals to not want to move from their home and into an assisted-living facility because of their grandchildren. Many feel that if they move to an assisted-living community that their grandchildren will feel uncomfortable and not want to come see them anymore. After all, many kids might be intimidated or possibly even frightened by the thought of a facility like that. However, with the right items and activities, you can make your space comfortable and fun for your grandkids so they'll want to come see you and maybe even beg not to leave! In many cases, you can do the same things that you did at home—the only thing different is that you'll be in a different setting.

Have a Spa Day.

Chances are you can get your hands on a couple of basins, which you can use to soak your feet in as you give each other manicures. Then, you can give each other pedicures. After all of your nails look fantastic, you can move on to hair and make-up. By the end of this, you will both be ready to walk the red carpet!

Do Some Arts and Crafts.

There are so many different arts and crafts that you can do with kids, depending on their ages. You could buy a pre-built birdhouse or car and paint it together. You could purchase stained-glass window pieces and paint them. You could use beads and make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and so forth. You could teach your grandchild how to do basic sewing. You could even just play with kinetic sand or Play-doh together.

Get Scrapbooking.

Before your grandkids come to visit, you can make sure that you have plenty of photographs available as well as scrapbooking materials—stamp pads with ink, stickers, paper, double-sided tape, glue, and so forth—so that you can create a scrapbook of memories. If you would like, other materials that make this process more interesting and enjoyable include washi tape, colored markers, different-shaped hole punches, fancy-edged scissors, and glitter-glue pens.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt.

This one will take a little more planning, but it will definitely be fun for everyone involved. The kids will love deciphering the clues and finding the big prize at the end, and you will enjoy watching their faces light up the entire time. You can keep the hunt to your room, or you can widen it to other social areas in the facility (get approval first, though). If you're allowed to go outside, make sure to lead the children outdoors during the hunt. Then, write down the clues and hide them. Oh, and don't forget to hide a prize at the very end.

To be safe, make sure that you speak to the person in charge at your assisted-living facility about all the aforementioned ideas before you simply go and implement them on your own. Who knows—they may even be able to help you pull some of them off or give you some ideas to make them better!

Check out facilities such as United Methodist Village to find an assisted-living facility that is a good fit for you and your visits with grandchildren.