When To Seek Comfort In God

When you're going through a difficult time, the best thing you can do is seek comfort in God. Before you rush to judgment or do something illogical in the heat of the moment, you should pray and ask God to guide you. Here are some of the best times when it makes sense to reach out to God for comfort and guidance.

When You Feel Alone

Feeling alone makes it hard for you to connect with other people, but you can always connect with God. Knowing he is always with you makes you feel less alone in the big world. With his help, you can gain back your sense of belonging. 

When a Loved One Passes Away

It's extremely painful when someone you love passes away. You will likely feel strong emotions, and you may even question your faith. That's why it's vital to find comfort in the Lord during these times, as he is the only one who can rationalize such a traumatizing life event. 

When You Sin

When you sin, the shame can be powerful enough to cause you to avoid your faith. However, it's one of the most important times to look to God for comfort, as he understands that you're not perfect and is willing to forgive you. Knowing that can help you to forgive yourself and move forward.

When People Are Mean to You

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that people might be mean to you, even if you don't deserve it. You may know that you shouldn't let it get to you, but it does anyway. It's helpful to reach out to God and seek comfort in these times, and it can help you avoid reacting out of emotion and creating new problems. 

When You Feel like You Have No Purpose

It can be difficult when you can't quite figure out your purpose. There are so many options that it can seem impossible to figure out what you should do with your life. One great way to get an answer is by praying to God and getting some guidance and support. 

During Major Life Events

When you have children, get married, move somewhere new, etc., it's important to seek comfort in God, as these moments are precious but stress-inducing. These big moments affect you forever, so when it gets confusing or overwhelming, reach out to God for some help along the way. He has a way of reassuring you that you're on the right track.

If you are seeking comfort in God, reach out to the religious leader of your choice for further guidance.