Impacting Youth: Why You Should Consider Hosting A Simulcast Youth Conference At Your Church

If you are a youth ministry leader at your church, finding interesting events for your youth to attend is not always easy, especially if your church has a limited budget. Traveling to an event may be challenging and not all parents can afford for their kids to go to a youth conference. Hosting a simulcast youth conference is a great option that will make an impact on your youth without the cost of travel.

Eliminate lodging and travel costs 

One of the biggest expenses with youth events is the cost of travel and lodging, which can be a big drain on a church's budget. Some churches may ask parents to help offset the cost by paying for their child, but this may mean some youth will be left out if the parents are on a tight budget. Some churches host fundraisers to raise money, but this requires additional costs and requires a lot of volunteers.

A simulcast or live stream youth conference can be held on location at your church. No travel expenses are necessary, and you will not need to worry about finding lodging for your group. You also have the option of having the youth bring sleeping bags if they want to remain at the church throughout the weekend event to create the feel of an in-person conference.

Use it for community outreach

Hosting a simulcast youth conference at your church is the perfect opportunity to invite youth from your local community or who attend other churches. This is a great community outreach project that you can get your youth actively involved in. Your youth can hand out flyers and get other local kids excited about attending the conference. 

Get your youth involved in planning

Hosting a Christian youth event at your church gives you plenty of ways to get your youth group involved in the planning process. They can help plan snacks and meals for the event. They can make decorations and help set up and take down chairs and tables for the conference.

There are several reasons why you may want to consider hosting a simulcast youth conference at your church. Eliminating travel costs can save your church a lot of money and it also makes it possible for youth to attend who may not feel comfortable being away from home. With all the youth conferences available, you are sure to find one that is a good fit for your youth group.

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