Lutheran Sunday School: Nurturing Your Child’s Potential

Lutheran Sunday school classes provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn about their faith while also discovering things about themselves and their potential. These classes often focus on scripture, but they also offer an array of activities that nurture your child's growth in several areas. Here are a few ways Lutheran Sunday school classes encourage your child to reach their potential. Social Interaction Lutheran Sunday school classes provide an opportunity for your child to make friends and develop crucial social skills. Read More 

How Do Christian Summer Camps Nurture Children?

Kids need enriching activities to help them grow into healthy young men and women. Summertime is a perfect opportunity for kids to make friends, engage in games and sports, and deepen their relationship with Christ. A Christian summer camp is an ideal place for kids to fulfill all these goals. These are four ways that a Christian summer camp can nurture a child's body, mind, and spirit:  1. Reconnect after social distancing. Read More 

When To Seek Comfort In God

When you're going through a difficult time, the best thing you can do is seek comfort in God. Before you rush to judgment or do something illogical in the heat of the moment, you should pray and ask God to guide you. Here are some of the best times when it makes sense to reach out to God for comfort and guidance. When You Feel Alone Feeling alone makes it hard for you to connect with other people, but you can always connect with God. Read More 

Free And Clear: Tips For Energy Cleansing Your Home Office Space

Having a home office is an excellent opportunity to be productive and remain in the comfort of your home while working. For a truly productive space, you'll want the energy within to be as clear of negativity as possible. Creating a cleansed workspace will help improve your focus and overall mood whenever you are hard at work so a home and office energy clearing will definitely be in order. Read ahead for some tips on what to keep in mind before, during, and after the energy clearing process. Read More